Monday, February 18, 2008

Are You Kidd-ing Me?

What I don't understand is what is so great about a guy we had 10 years ago except his back was in better shape back then?

The fact is, Jason Kidd put a NJ team on his back over half a decade ago and beat an eastern conference without boston, NYN, or Chicago even in the top 10. Sure, they did punk an eventual champion in the (rash-weed Wallace free!) Pistons to get punked in return by the Timmer and Shaq/Kobe but my take on the eastern conference of the last ten years is: if you can't beat an eastern conference team it's only cuz you are/play like a bunch of pussies.

Five years ago, gentle readers, we had Dirk, Fin-Dog, Raja Bell and Nash and we could not score a point in the fourth quarter to beat los Spurs. We did not have Jason Kidd, then, and we wouldn't have done any better if we had.

I defy anyone to say that, five years later, with no Nash, no Finley, no Bell plus the geriatric twins, Jason Kidd and Jerry Stackhouse, that we are any better. Sure, Kidd's cocaine-fueled baby-momma bashing sessions of his youth are long behind him (allegedly) but he's played 13 seasons at a 37 MPG clip and he's a career 40% shooter (currently in his worst shooting season as pro) with his worst assist to turnover ratio in six years (and in his bottom 3 of the last decade).

Anybody who says this is "Great for Dallas" has gained unlimited access to Rasheed Wallace's personal stash and is exhibiting the optimism so aptly phrased as "The Triumph of Hope over Experience."


Ryan Breidenbach said...

Is it me, or does Kidd's wife have the fakest looking pair of tatas in history?

Deceptive Speed said...

Yep--those are some real roadside caberet specials. Of course, she's still probably the hottest chick in New Jersey.