Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 50 Revisited for Athletes of Color

Well, it's here. The reverb. Top 50 Quotes for the Athlete of Color

50. Possesses raw athleticism - Of course.
49. A complete talent - as opposed to incomplete?
48. Brings that dimension of speed to the team - Speed kills
47. Makes the team more athletic - But less of a team
46. Runs with instinct - Fear of dying is definitely instinctual
45. "Look at that boy loaf to the ball, makes the game look easy doesn’t he" - actual quote after a Willy Mays catch in the outfield
44. Not the coach’s favorite, but he can add some punch - Speed kills
43. You wouldn’t want him living next door, but he helps your team - Foreclosures are bad enough on those property values, if you let one in, they'll all come
42. Bred to play the sport - See Jimmy the Greek
41. Flashy - Probably from the gold grill
40. This guys knows how to celebrate -I've got rythm
39. Unlike most days, this will be a mental challenge for him today - A little commentary on the intellect?
38. He’s a more focused athlete when he’s challenged - With child support dues
37. Skilled shooter - Born with a basketball
36. Loves the spotlight - Hubris....that's really Greek isn't it? See no. 42
35. Natural swing - Born with a Bat...or in the case of Tiger...a golf club
34. Gifted rebounder - No need to practice, you're gifted
33. What he lacks in humility, he makes up for in talent - Seeing a cultural pattern here
32. Part of the new style of player - Reference to Circa BBA (Before the Black Athlete)
31. The kids tend to love his type of playmaking ability - Adults just hate his attitude
30. He seems to be really motivated to play today - Must be in between contract years
29. Coaches like him, but progress in the position will depend changing his study habits -
28. I don’t know if this type of thinking offense suits him - Really, too stupid to throw the ball to the open guy five yards in front of him?
27. He tends to play better when he can rely on his instincts - Might as well give him the Playbook for Dummies
26. He will learn not to show so much youthful exuberance -I don't want my kids learning how to spike the ball
25. He’s a credit to the kids from his neighborhood - Now if he can just get rid of that gang tatoo
24. Not so media friendly
23. A type that challenges his teammates and coaches - Attitude problem
22. Play maker on and off the field - Got the child support bills to show it
21. Uses that God given world class speed to his advantage
20. Thanks his proud mom, she had to be both a mother and a father to him
19. Can be an all-star if he puts his mind to it - Laziness
18. Lives a life-style we regular guys only dream about -
17. Ridiculously talented - Gotta be for a complete athlete
16. Will definitely have cute kids - Unfortunately with your sister
15. Has a knack for saying what’s on his mind - Attitude problem
14. One of the most stylish guys in the league -
13. Quick feet for a big man - The Black version of deceptive speed
12. Articulate - Sounds White
11. Well-Spoken - Is White
10. A legend in his own mind - Goes along with the self-promoter
9. A great self-promoter -Backhanded compliment much
8. Not the most intelligent of moves for him there -
7. Non chalant - opposite of gamer
6. With the exception of quarterback, can play any position on the field - Probably because of hte thinking man's offense
5. Must have a touch of something, the eyes look a little glazed today
4. Well groomed - a good guard dog
3. A proud poppa, again and again and again - With your sister and her friends
2. Definitely loves him some him - Needs no explanation
1. "Look at that little monkey run" - Thanks Howard for that classic