Monday, August 06, 2007

Paper or Plastic, Ma'am?

For years I could never precisely determine when football season started. First day of Camp? First Preseason game? First regular season game? Then I met my wife and now I have a simple formula for determing the beginning of the season: Her first hilarious sports comment.

This year the season started exactly four minutes before the kick-off of the Hall of Fame game during that Train-guy's singing of the National Anthem. We are eating chili and up on the screen pops a shot of Big Ben, chewing gum and kinda humming the words and the wife casually says: "Paper or plastic, Ma'am?" And I lose it. Awesome.

Big Ben may have a laser arm, plenty of 'natural instincts', etc. but like all Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl quarterbacks he'd have trouble spelling CAT if you spotted him the A and the T.

Here's to you, Ben! Now, I'm ready for some football.

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