Friday, March 03, 2006

Gutless Mavs Cry "I got Tyson-ed!"

Ya know, at one point last night, I found myself screaming at the TV in the Command Center...during a regular season NBA game. I was shocked but what was probably most shocking was what I was screaming about.

It wasn't Bruce Bowen's perpetual, un-called fouling on Dirk Nowitzki. It wasn't the perpetual, un-called 35 seconds in the lane of Nasir Mohammed.

It was: "OMFG, Dampier! Were you just born a moron or did it take hard work and effort to get to this point?!?!?"
"OMFG, Nowitzki! Bowen's giving up four inches and a ton of talent yet you're whining like a little b***ch: 'But, Dick (Bavetta)......he's FOULING me......'"

Dallas went in, just like Barkeley said, pumped and gunning for this game; a playoff atmosphere for Dallas but, for SA, just another day at the office. Could they keep it up, on the road, for four quarters? No, the 'keep-it-up' answer is 3 quarters after which I saw the same tired whiners that I saw last year in Game 6 versus Phoenix.

It's like Avery hasn't coached here at all and I'm transported back in time 6 years, watching Nellie come off the bench and chest thump Karl Malone at mid-court (2nd row for that one, baby!) chest thumping Karl Malone was going to help Shawn Bradley's inane play or incessant whining over so-called 'no-calls'??!?

I was disappointed on so many levels and reading Stackhouse's Holmgren-esque whining just makes it worse. Since when is "I got Tyson-ed" (reg required) an excuse for "I played like a bitch in the fourth quarter"? Perhaps Jerry never played 'no-blood-no-foul' street ball like Robert "Six Championship Skins Nailed to My Den Wall" Horry.

Before I went to bed, I made a vow that somehow, someway I would make the Mavericks pay for the nearly 3 hours of my life they made pointless due to the last 12 minutes of that game. Perhaps my deep fascination with the Bulls vs. Pistons series of old gave me too high of hopes for this one but, darnit, I expected better.

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