Sunday, February 19, 2006

Charles Robinson on Jay Cutler's "Deceptive Mobility" and "intangibles"

I'm sure Charles Robinson's "A Culter Above" is meant as harmless pre-draft fluff in the gushing variety of "football-writers-with-nothing-to-do-after-the-Pro-Bowl". I read the article of my own voalition, knowing this was the likely case. What I didn't expect was Robinson's ground breaking development of a new white quarterback cliche: "While his size (6-foot-3, 223 pounds) suggests a pure pocket passer, Cutler has deceiving mobility." The fact that he was an OPTION QUARTERBACK notwithstanding.

Robinson couldn't help himself with a few others: "he doesn't have the bundle of raw potential and athleticism of (Vince) Young" and this one (Both KJ and I said: WTF?): "a way, Cutler is a balance of the two – with better arm strength than Leinart and the tools to run a more conventional offense than Young."

So we learn that a #1 QB from a #1 national program who has spent 5 years in college under the #1 coaching staff in college football who, BY THE WAY, won back to back Rose Bowls, is a bundle of Raw Potential but a QB from a fifth rate program who spent half his time in college running the pro-favorite OPTION offense has Better Tools to run a Conventional Offense?? I'm sure that Young's delightfully chocolate demeanor has nothing to do with it...

Lucy, you have some explaining to do.

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